Daniel Lukas



Hi, I'm Daniel Lukas

I am a developer currently living in Orlando, Florida.

With a background in 3D art and animation, I am interested in:

  1. Beautiful cohesion through intuitive UI
  2. The intricacies of code and functionality behind the user experience
  3. Collaborating with like-minded developers

About Me

My passion for 3D art and animation led me to pursue a degree in Emerging Media from the University of Central Florida. Since graduating in 2014, I continued to build knowledge of my craft, but more importantly, I learned about myself.

As time passed, I realized I spent as much time tinkering with my computer hardware and operating systems as I did modeling characters. I uncovered my interest in logic and problem-solving.

As a student at Thinkful, I am looking forward to turning these interests into marketable skills. I am excited to become a developer!

Some of my other interests include:

  • Game development
  • Playing guitar
  • Retro video games

Contact Me

If you are interested in hiring a developer with my knowledge and experience, please email me at dtlukasart@gmail.com or reach out to me via LinkedIn.

Check out my projects over on GitHub and consider following me if you like what you see!